Beau Corps Studio is proud to sell ToeSox, toe socks designed by Pilates instructors with grips on the soles of the feet.  We ask that our students wear ToeSox for a number of reasons:

-Safety:  The grips secure your footing/hold while standing or lunging on the equipment

-Hygene:  Even though the studio cleans the floors and wipes down mat and equipment, they can't wipe other student's feet.

-Alignment: The 5 toe grip socks fit the anatomical design of your foot so your toes and feet can perform naturally, like you're barefoot. Wearing regular athletic socks draws the toes together, making them act as one unit..  The physiological purpose of our toes is to spread and anchor to the floor to help the body balance and stay aligned.

-Circulation:  By encouraging your toes to spread, ToeSox grip socks trigger muscles in your feet and shins, which in turn send messages to your knees, hips and back. The smaller foot muscles, like abductors, are commonly atrophied due to lack of use. When your toes spread out, these small muscles are used and strengthened, promoting foot health, cell renewal, and full-body support.

Made with organic cotton, our grip socks are soft on your soles and the planet.


$14.00 pair or 2 for $24.00