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Beau Corps Studio is located at:  13112 Newport Ave., Suite #J-1, Tustin, CA  92780, in "Packer Square Center", on the corner of Irvine Boulevard and Newport Avenue.
The entrance to the studio in in the back of the center, behind Beau Shar Salon and Dr. Pashley's orthodontist offices. You may also walk through the salon Tuesday thru Saturday.

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How did you hear about Beau Corps Studio?      _____Referral     _____Internet Search     _____Newspaper/Journal

What are your exercises goals?   _____Strength/Stamina     _____Weight Management     _____Flexibility     _____balance/spacial awareness

                                                    _____Rehabilitation     _____Pain Management     _____Sport Specific Cross-training

Do you have any specific injuries/surgeries that need to be addressed with caution?_______________________________________________

What times are you available to work out?     _____7:00am-3:00pm      _____3:00pm-8:00pm      ____Saturdays

Have you ever taken a Pilates class on the Pilates apparatus?     _____yes     _____no

Would you be interested in a complimentary session in a small group setting?     _____yes     _____no