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About Us

Beau Corps Studio, or “beautiful body studio”, was established in June of 1998 by Victoria Leonard. Today the studio houses 5 reformers, 5 combo chairs, 5 spine correctors, 2 cadillacs and one Gyrotonic Expansion System pully tower, by Balanced Body. Pilates classes are taught by trainers certified through the internationally recognized institution Body Arts and Sciences, and have a bachelor’s degree. GYROTONIC sessions are taught by Victoria Leonard and Pamela Yurosko. Both Pilates and Gyrotonic certifications require hundreds of supervised observation and practice hours, and extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Our trainers continue to study various “mind/body” methods with masters to keep their work fresh and their clients inspired.

Class sessions are approximately 55 minutes long. Small group classes, usually 2-5 people, allow for personal attention at a group rate. Clients are encouraged to take a “foundation course” of 5-10 private sessions before joining a group. This ensures that the new student has learned the basic principles of Pilates and will have good placement, avoid injury, and move comfortably at the normal class pace. Many clients have prior injuries or deviations that need to be addressed privately on a permanent basis. Some clients prefer to take a combination of group and private sessions throughout the week/month, and some take group classes only. Whatever the client decides works best for them, the trainers at Beau Corps are happy to accommodate their needs.

GYROTONIC sessions are private sessions. This method is more joint focused than the Pilates method, moving the spine and the limbs in circular/arching patterns. The GYROTONIC pully tower work has a unique quality that facilitates more range and freedom in the joints. For that reason, elite athletes, clients with hip, shoulder, and knee issues, and people with arthritis (osteo & rhumetoid) tend to gravitate to GYROTONIC work. Professional dancers, skaters, golfers, and swimmers have all found cross training in GYROTONIC to be most beneficial to their performance within their sport. Future plans for more equipment include 2 Gyrotonic Expansion Towers and a Gyrotonic Sliding, Jumping Board.